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Queen Bread Wrap
Queen Bread Wrap

Queen Bread Wrap

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The Queen Bread Wrap is your next loaf of breads' new best friend! Use the Queen Bread to keep loaves of bread, pan of muffins, leftover pizza slices, and even bagels, fresh.

Alternative uses can be for washed and cut lettuce to keep it fresh and ready to pack for your next salad adventure!

This large size wrap can easily be cut into smaller wraps to suit your personal needs.

Size 18" x 19"

Our 100% Biodegradable Food Wraps are made with:
- 100% Cotton
- 100% Beeswax (locally sourced from Ontario)
- 100% Jojoba Oil
- Natural Food Grade Pine Rosin

Do NOT use to cover HOT items
Do NOT use to wrap meat, poultry, or fish

May not receive exactly as shown, but specific patterns/colour schemes available upon request! **Pattern Availability may vary**