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Bumble Bag
Bumble Bag

Bumble Bag

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Bumble Bags
Zero Waste Produce Bag

These NEW produce bags are a grocery shopping essential for packing all of your fresh produce at the shops or farmers' markets. They are handmade in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in a chemical free environment.

  • They are lightweight (approximately 6g per bag) and are constructed with durable mesh fabric and a jute drawstring
  • The bags measure L:13" x H:14" and a horizontal stretch which allows them to measure longer than 15"
  • Ideal for vegetables, fruit, and fresh herbs and much more!
  • Can also be used to make large-batch nut milks
  • Easy to wash!

Take them on your next market adventure and you'll see how easy it is to cut down on single-use plastic bags! Pair your fresh cut produce with our Beeswax Wraps and you will have fresh food for days!